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9 essential ingredients to remove toxins out of your blood

Detoxification of your blood and body

The liver is one of our 7 vital organs.

Filtering the blood to eliminate the toxins in our body is its main duty, it has also other very important tasks. There is a reason why it is part of the big 7. Here a short list of the constant challenges : 

  • Detoxification: The liver plays a crucial role in detoxifying the blood by processing and removing toxins.
  • Metabolism: It metabolizes nutrients from the digestive system, storing or releasing them as needed.
  • Synthesis: The liver produces proteins, including blood-clotting factors and albumin.
  • Storage: It stores glycogen, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Bile Production: The liver produces bile, essential for fat digestion.

A well nourished Liver shall build you a highly functionnal body. Check out out our mix of plants ensuring a strong  and efficient liver.

Explore the therapeutic potential of nature’s bounty as we delve into clinical studies highlighting the remarkable impact of various plants on liver health.


1. Wild Yam Root: Unveiling a Colon’s Ally

Traditionally known for hormonal balance, Wild Yam Root emerges as a potential remedy for diverticulosis. Clinical studies suggest its efficacy in managing inflammation and discomfort associated with diverticulitis[Read more about the Wild Yam root].

2. Milk Thistle: Guardian of Liver Health

Numerous studies affirm the hepatoprotective effects of Milk Thistle. Silymarin, its key compound, showcases antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, fortifying the liver’s detoxification abilities[Read more about the Milk Thistle].

3. Cramp Bark: Beyond Muscle Relaxation

While renowned for its muscle relaxant properties, Cramp Bark exhibits a promising impact on liver health, particularly addressing Hepatocellular carcinoma. A unique blend of benefits for both muscles and the liver[Read more about the Cramp Bark].

4. Barberry Bark: Shielding the Liver

Studies hint at potential hepatoprotective benefits of Barberry Bark. Research explores its protective effects on the liver, hinting at a role in supporting overall liver health[Read more about the Barberry Bark].

5. Fennel Seed: Digestive Marvel with Liver Benefits

Traditionally valued for digestive support, Fennel Seed shines with anti-cancer agents that showcase potential benefits for liver health[Read more about the Fennel seeds].

6. Ginger Root: Inflammation Fighter for the Liver

Ginger Root’s anti-inflammatory effects extend to liver health. Clinical research suggests its role in reducing liver inflammation and safeguarding against liver damage[Read more about the Ginger root].

7. Catnip: Calming the Liver Storm

Beyond its calming properties, Catnip showcases direct evidence in protecting against acetaminophen-induced liver damage, presenting a powerful ally for liver health[Read more about the Catnip].

8. Boldo Leaf: Guardian Against Oxidative Hepatic Damage

Backed by clinical evidence, Boldo Leaf stands as a protector against oxidative hepatic damage, traditionally supporting overall liver function[Read more about the Boldo leaf].

9. Gentian Root: Alleviating Alcoholic Liver Disease

Studies reveal Gentian Root’s prowess in alleviating alcoholic liver disease, offering phenomenal support for liver function beyond its traditional role in digestion stimulation[Read more about the Gentian Root].


In Conclusion

These botanical allies, each playing a unique role, collectively form a powerful ensemble in nourishing and safeguarding the liver. By embracing these natural complements, we not only address specific liver concerns but also cultivate a comprehensive approach to well-being. Unlock the potential of these nine plants to embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

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